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Nationally respected physical therapist, author and performance training expert reveals his personal 'tool kit' for solving the most common knee problems across the ages.

Dear friend,

If you have found your way to my site, I can only imagine you are looking for answers to your own knee problems.  I have spent the last 15 years rehabilitating and training people with knee injuries.

Here is a sampling of the problems I have worked with to date:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Meniscus tears
  • ACL tears
  • Other ligamentous injuries
  • Patello-femoral pain syndrome
  • Chondromalacia
  • Patella instability
  • Runner's knee
  • Patella fracture

And the list could go on and on.  Regardless of the injury, in most cases the solution is a properly directed exercise program.  Granted, surgery is necessary in some situations, but even then the post-operative exercise is just as critical for a full recovery.

  Will you settle for less than a full recovery?

Hi, my name is Brian Schiff.  As a licensed physcial therapist, industry presenter and noted strength coach, I have spent the past 17 years working with everyone from young soccer players with torn ACLs to senior citizens battling severe knee arthritis and recovering from total and partial knee joint replacement surgery.

Whether working with children, weekend warriors, professional athletes or even grandmothers and grandfathers, one thing is certain - everyone needs a blueprint to get from point A to B safely. 

The fact is that all of these people also need very specific trainig programs based upon sound recovery principles and proper stress progression to avoid re-injury and maximize health.

This is exactly what I love to do!  That is the very reason I have decided to put this series of DVDs together.  Customers from all over the world have asked for knee trainig resources and now I am pleased to offer sound guidelines.  I am confident that one, if not more than one of these DVDs will dramatically help you or someone you care about.


            Are You Ready to Be Active Again?

Many people are forced to settle for a life of pain and limitation because they simply do not know what to do.  How about you?  Is pain, swelling or stiffness stopping you from living the life you desire?  Imagine how great you would feel if you were once agian able to do these things like:

  • Walk or run outside
  • Play your chosen sport
  • Get rid of your cane
  • Get up from your chair with ease
  • Walk up and down stairs normally
  • Take longer walks without increased pain
  • Sit for extended periods of time without pain

Or perhaps you have a more specific goal.  Maybe you want to play golf again, run a 5K or simply quit using the motorized cart at the grocery store.  The important thing you should know is that exercise is far and away the most important ingredient in the recipe of a successful knee recovery.

      Exercise Should Never Be Left to Chance!

It is easy to do too much and easy to do too little.  Getting it "just right" is an exact science.  Do not let anyone else fool you on this critical point.  I have seen firsthand what the wrong training plan does to athletes and average Joes alike.

Sometimes we are told to give up and just take it easy.  As our population lives longer, this simply becomes an unacceptable alternative for many.  This is in large part why I have decided to produce this series of instructional exercise DVDs.

The DVD Series currently includes:

Volume 1 - ACL Injury Prevention
Volume 2 - Osteoarthritis 101
Volume 3 - The Runner's Knee

Scroll down to see more information and sample videos on each DVD.

I will also offer you an exclusive chance to order Volume I and II or all three volumes together at a much reduced price.

Because I am committed to your personal success and  confident these videos will positively impact your health, I am backing the program with my 100% money back guarantee for 60 days

View the DVD and put the program to the test.  If you have not personally experienced less pain or made great progress toward your specific health and fitness goals in 2 months, you can simply return the DVD for a full refund.  No hassles.  Enter DVD30 at checkout to save 30% until Dec. 7!

Volume 1 - Complete Training for ACL Injury Prevention

This DVD package will teach parents, athletes and coaches step by step strategies to reduce ACL injuries including:

  • A self assessment tool to reveal physical imbalances and injury risk
  • Specific jump training progressions to reinforce proper landing form
  • Efficient strength training exercises to reduce muscle imbalances
  • Dynamic warm-up routine designed for cutting and pivoting sports
  • Proven agility drills to enhance body control and cutting form
  • Functional balance progressions to enhance knee stability

New Bonus Material on companion CD includes:

  • Complete printable outline of all DVD exercises
  • Sample 30 minute in-season prevention program
  • Brian's ACL quick screen outline and 10 minute video detailing exactly how to do the screen properly

        Click here to watch a short sample clip of the video

Buy your copy today for $34.95 and implement this prevention program or use it to return to play again without fear of pain and further injury.  

Volume 2 - Osteoarthritis 101: Your Complete Guide to Safe Exercise and Return to Activity

This DVD is designed to help people of all ages and abilities suffering the effects of some form of osteoarthritis.  It will help reduce daily pain and increase function.  Contents include:

  • A 6 phase exercise system to manage varying degrees of pain and arthritis
  • Over 40 different exercises to strengthen the knee and improve function
  • Specific warm-up and mobility exercises to decrease joint stiffness
  • Precise guidelines to evaluate joint pain and activity readiness
  • Advanced exercise progressions for weekend warriors

Click here to watch a short sample clip of the video

Buy your copy today for $34.95 and begin getting back to doing all the the things you want to again without fear of pain and further injury.  


Volume 3 - The Runner's Knee: Training to Overcome Injuries and Maximize Performance

This DVD is designed to help runners of all skill levels and experience levels improve running performance and prevent and/or rehab common running injuries.  It addresses:

  • A healthy runner strength series to optimize running economy
  • Foam rolling exercises to resolve trigger points
  • Active warm-up drills to reduce muscle strains
  • Balance training to improve joint stability
  • Jump training drills to increase speed/power
  • A detailed Rehab series to overcome IT Band issues, tendinitis and joint related pain

Order your copy today for $34.95 if you want to overcome a running injury, improve your running fitness, or simply reduce injury potential as you increase mileage. 


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I am confident these DVDs will keep your knees fit and healthier for many years to come.

In health,

Brian Schiff, PT, OCS, CSCS 



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