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Soft Tissue Therapy

Have you ever suffered from muscle cramps, tightness, weakness, fatigue or spasms?  Perhaps you have been plagued by tendonitis, IT Band issues, limited flexibility, trigger points or limited mobility.

In many cases, the fascia of the human body becomes tight and restricted.  Fascia is essentially material that encases the muscle and forms a complex web of tissue in the body.  Fascial fitness is often overlooked by runners, cyclists, swimmers, weekend warriors and athletes of all sports.

In my experience, most of my clients and patients are NOT diligent in addressing myofascial restrictions.  Releasing trigger points and fascial restrictions has the following effects:

  • Improved oxygen & blood flow to tissues
  • Optimal soft tissue length & extensibility
  • Elimination of pain, spasm and fatigue
  • Proper joint mobility for desired movements
  • Facilitation of peak performance
  • Reduced risk for overuse injuries

So, what tools do I recommend for soft tissue therapy?  I am a big fan of the tools offered by Trigger Point Therapy.  A few of the tools I recommend, use and offer to my clients include:

Massage Ball - $24.99

Trigger Point Therapy massage ball is designed to apply pressure and relieve tightness and knots in the muscle that produce stiffness, limited motion and pain. This compact ball is perfect for working on the shoulder, chest, upper back and plantar fascia.

Ultimate 6 Kit for Runners - $139.99

The Ultimate 6 Kit is the ultimate set of tools to help massage and maintain a healthy, active body. The Total Package combines our Quadballer and our Starter Set in one complete package. With the product's patented design mirroring the feeling of a human hand, you are able to massage almost any part of the body safely and effectively on your own. The Ultimate 6 Kit includes our TP Massage Ball, TP Footballer, and TP Quadballer. 

The Ultimate 6 Kit is recommended for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle or is in need of the benefits of a massage on a daily basis. As we all know it's not difficult getting the massage but it often is difficult getting to the massage.